TUBBYZINE #1   Click here to view online or download Most of the photos used are not mine, I gathered them from the internet. Thanks to everyone for taking photos of my stuff.   You can print this out and fold this zine into a little booklet. (instructions)  

Hawaii Graffiti – Urban Exploration – Urbex

People always ask me where my favourite place I’ve ever travelled to and I always say Hawaii (Oahu). Even though it’s not very big, there’s so much to explore on the Island, super chilled vibes, amazing scenery. Here are some photos from my time in Oahu.    

Australian Drains – Urban Exploration Urbex

Australia has explorable drain systems like no other. There are open canals and huge underground tunnels everywhere, they are not hard to find at all. Drains my are favorite places to paint, and I’ve spent countless hours exploring the underground tunnels all around the country, and there is just so much to see. Please note: […]


  Answering a few questions I got asked on Instagram. Q: How long have you been painting for? A: I can’t recall exactly, but if I had to take a guess I would say around 3-4 years. (2014 i think?) I started off with just a simple mop marker and painting abandoned buildings I explored. […]