Answering a few questions I got asked on Instagram.

Q: How long have you been painting for?

A: I can’t recall exactly, but if I had to take a guess I would say around 3-4 years. (2014 i think?) I started off with just a simple mop marker and painting abandoned buildings I explored.


Q: Coolest/Most Dangerous place you’ve ever been?

A: That would be really difficult to choose, I would say the coolest places I’ve been would be some of the underground tunnels I’ve painted, with giant slides, waterfalls, chambers etc… I hardly get any photos of these places because I don’t carry a camera to take photos in the dark, but there really is some amazing stuff to explore underground you would not believe was right beneath your feet. It’s a surreal feeling being underground and wandering around for miles and miles, while you can hear the world going by and people having conversations above you. Also huge abandoned hospitals/factories have been really fun. I’ve definitely been in some dangerous situations exploring these sorts of places.

Q: Have you ever run into any crackheads or hobos in the sewers or underground?

A: I have run into many while I was painting drainage canals and tunnels in the United States. Homelessness there is a much bigger problem than in Australia, and I have found many people living at spots I have painted, some friendly, and some not. Most of the time they will just be minding their own business, and not looking for any trouble.

Q: Do you ever get questioned or your stuff confiscated at airport customs?

A: Yes, I get questioned all the time, I hate airport immigration! When I was entering the United States I got interrogated especially hard and they went through my bags and questioned me about my stickers, but it ended up being sweet because it turns out they were only concerned that I was there to work illegally and get paid to put them up.

Q: Do you want to improve your style or are you just happy to be up?

A: To be honest, I don’t consider myself an artist, and prefer quantity over quality. Of course I do want to improve my style though, but that’s not really a priority for me at the moment, I am more just into getting up on a large scale and having a very recognisable simple character.

Q: I saw your sticker up in *insert obscure town*, what on earth were you doing there?

A: I’ve done many road trips around Australia, and visited some very remote places in life, and I always find it fun stopping at little towns, and chucking up a few stickers, maybe being the only writer up in the whole town. I love exploring new surroundings.